cocktails & Cuisine

WED & THU: 12p – 10p
FRI & SAT: 12p – 11p
SUN: 11a – 9p

house rules

When you arrive, leave everything behind. 

Coats at the door, we have something good in store. 

Wilfred’s mischievous spirit has put a twist on tradition and brought together Napa and Honolulu culture like you’ve never known before.


Wilfred’s roots are planted in Honolulu, 
Born and raised on Island time. 

He was a drifter who brought people together
and took things day by day.

That whimsical spirit carried over on a trade wind to Napa, here at Wilfred’s Lounge where we’re all ‘ohana under one Pacific Sun. 

on the water

With a shake and a sizzle, we’ve brought Tiki to Downtown Napa. 

We’re making waves on the Napa River as Napa Valley’s first and only Tiki bar.

Let the natural beauty take you away as you enjoy a cocktail on our river-front upper deck.


Wilfred’s Lounge serves up tradition with a twist on Island-inspired cocktails and cuisine.

Whether you’re looking for wine, rum or something in between, we have a full bar and kitchen to serve your every whim. 


Don’t miss high tide, happy hours and Wilfred’s Specials.