Wilfred’s Lounge Coaster & Swizzle Stick Set


You’ve been asking…and now the official Wilfred’s Lounge Coaster and Swizzle Stick are available to add to your collection.

Set of two Coasters and two Swizzle Sticks.

Each Coaster is the real coaster we use everyday at Wilfred’s Lounge, a classic 4″ diameter.

Each Stick is stamped with a shiny gold foil and features our “W” Logo Tiki and Wilfred’s Lounge. At 6 inches tall, our swizzle sticks are super versatile and were made to fit our Ken Ruzic Mai Tai Glass perfectly.

Did you know?
The cocktail stirrer-style swizzle was patented in 1934 by Jay Sindler, who founded the cocktail accessory company Spir-it, as a spear-tipped stick with room for advertising on top. While Sindler’s company is still in business today as Spirit Foodservice, Inc., the current ne plus ultra of swizzle stick producers is Royer Corporation, the Indiana-based, family-run company responsible for everything from the gilded gladiator helmet sticks at Caesar’s Place in Las Vegas to the devilish horn player-topped numbers at the Chateau Marmont in Beverly Hills to the swizzles for several classic tiki bars, like Trader Vic’s. (Source: The Swizzle Stick Makes a Modern Comeback, Punch)


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