Deep Sea Bundle

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Discover your own hidden treasure beneath the shimmering waves with our Deep Sea Bundle.

Each bundle features one Manta Ray Mug, one Duke’s Pareo Hawaiian Shirt by Kahala, one Spears T-Shirt in Navy, and one Wilfred’s Lounge Coaster & Swizzle Stick Set. Get to your holiday shopping early, or add these unique pieces to your tiki collection.

Manta Ray Mug
One of our most popular mugs. The brainchild of Wilfred’s Lounge proprietor Nat Komes and designed by world-renowned artist BigToe, this one-of-a-kind limited edition mug was created to honor the manta ray, one of the largest and most majestic creatures in the sea. See more.

Duke’s Pareo Hawaiian Shirt by Kahala
Add to your Aloha Wear wardrobe with the Original Aloha Shirt. 100% cotton broadcloth in a Kahala 1960s heritage print, this updated Hawaiian classic is a retired Wilfred’s Lounge uniform — own a piece of our tropical paradise. Men’s size large. See more.

Spears T-Shirt in Navy
The original t-shirt created for the grand opening of Wilfred’s Lounge in the fall of 2021, featuring a retro Tiki vibe. Women’s size large. See more.

Wilfred’s Lounge Coaster & Swizzle Stick Set
Add the official Wilfred’s Lounge Coaster and Swizzle Stick to your collection. These are the real coasters and swizzle sticks we use everyday at Wilfred’s Lounge. See more.



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